Importance of Adding Condo Insurance to a Master Insurance Cover

05 Sep


Most people dream of buying a condominium, and some even get to make the purchase. As you enjoy that achievement; you need to remember to ensure certain important details are sorted like buying condo insurance.

If you ever face certain challenges, insurance will be there to help you out. The fact that you own a unit like other people in the same complex makes things complicated. Condo insurance will help cover any needs you may have under such conditions. Should an accident happen, condo insurance will prevent you from incurring high costs. Here is how it proves most beneficial.

A condo complex comes with McMahon Insurance cover, which condo owners chip in to pay its premiums. You may be covered, but it is not adequate to keep you safe and free from needing other policies.

While the master policy will cover the entire building, it only covers the structure and common areas, not inside your condo. In case the complex is destroyed by fire, it will pay for the construction of a new building. But all the items in your condo will not be compensated. You will need to pay for all fittings, fixtures, and even interior walls. Get into some more facts about insurance at

The master insurance policy also has a liability cover, but only effective outside the condo. You will see it active if the injury caused happened in the common areas. But if the accident happened from inside your condo to the outer section, the building’s association will expect you to foot the bills. Be sure to read more now!

Condo insurance also goes further and covers personal property. If there is ever damage to your personal property, it will likely happen within your walls, where the master policy is ineffective. Condo insurance steps in and ensures your safety against theft, damage and destruction of your personal property.

You will also need it should the master policy give off a loss assessment and deductible. Sometimes, the master policy may have underinsured you, owners.  If there are any additional costs; the owners will be expected to chip in. Condo insurance will make sure you do not pay for such costs out of pocket.

You will also find it effective when it caters to the expenses of housing you when your condo is under repair. In cases, where you have to move out as the condo, is being repaired; there can be such heavy costs in that move.

You will also see it being effective in promoting the spirit of community. There may be an incident that leads to damage on a person’s condo caused by another owner, and a lawsuit will bring strain on relations. But if you have this cover to cater for those costs, you will not feel strain, and it will be cover swiftly. Things can get back to normal quickly thereafter.

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